Tim Greatbatch

Located in Nashville, Indiana - atop a ridge in the hills of beautiful Brown County, Tim’s studio is the center of his work as an artist. While the majority of his work centers on the landscape throughout the seasons, projects arise that feature the Village of Nashville (and other locales) and figurative works in both exterior and interior settings.

Like many of the early artists who came to Brown County, Timothy Greatbatch changed careers in mid-life. Several the early colony artists used their artistic skills in commercial ventures in large cities but chose to come to Brown County to work as fine artists. Tim Greatbatch made an even more dramatic change. By the age of forty, he was a highly recognized composer of contemporary orchestral and chamber music. He was well established in Philadelphia as an adjunct professor of music at the University of Pennsylvania and served as a guest lecturer at Swarthmore College and Princeton. But in the early 1990s he decided to become a painter.

Tim is very concerned with the health of our planet. Whenever possible, he has tried to tie his work and support to organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and the Central Indiana Land Trust, Inc. His work is also very aligned with Indiana Heritage Arts - a Nashville based organization that promotes the 100 plus years of impressionistic painting in the State.