Marie Goth

Marie Goth was born in Indianapolis, IN on September 15, 1887.  She had always wanted to be an artist and her father encouraged her.  She studied art at the John Heron Art Institute in Indianapolis and at the Art Student League in New York City.  Marie moved to Nashville, IN on 1923 to the family’s summer house.  Her sister also lived there and later, V.J. Cariani joined them at their house, although neither was romantically involved with him.  Due to town gossip about Cariani and Goth, he built his own house across the ravine from Marie’s house.

Marie enjoyed painting portraits and found that’s what she was the most talented at.  She became the first woman in Indiana to paint an official portrait of the governor.  Marie was an eccentric and didn’t spend much of her money.  Instead she used her money to support her sister and parents when they needed it.  She also left a generous amount to Brown County at her passing.  Marie was one of the charter members of the Brown County Art Gallery Association and the Brown County Art Guild.  Much of what she left went to these organizations.  Marie died on January 9, 1975 from head injuries.  The coroner guessed they were a result of her falling down the stairs at her cabin.

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