Lisa Guckelberg

Lisa Guckelberg is largely a self-taught artist.  She has been drawing and painting since grade school.  Born in Indianapolis in 1963, she can render any subject, however her specialty is and always has been the horses he has loved, ridden, and studied since childhood.  She was very fortunate to have had several wonderful mentors and teachers throughout her youth who inspired and encourage her interest in creating art.

​​Lisa began teaching art in 1987 and has taught art to thousands of students, both young and old.   

Lisa’s paintings and drawings have garnered several awards and she has completed many commissioned pieces.    

She works primarily in graphite, pastel, colored pencil, conte crayon, watercolor, and acrylics.  

She and her husband live in Greenwood, Indiana, where in addition to drawing, painting, and teaching art classes, she enjoys running and training for marathons, spending time with her grandchildren, and riding her horse Rudy.