Libby Whipple

While growing up, Elizabeth "Libby" Givan Whipple's dad told her, "Most people can't do most things, so find what you can do and do it well." Libby took his advice and found her life's passion in her art. Thoroughly enjoying the process, she has discovered that when you love learning about something, with time, you naturally become better at it.

Libby began painting over twenty years ago while in law school. Today when people hear that she used to be an attorney, they are surprised because to them art and law seem very different. For Libby, however, the two fields share some very important similarities. Both require technical knowledge and even more importantly, the ability to communicate an idea.

With each painting Libby hopes to communicate an idea or feeling, which may be the innocence of childhood or, as evidenced by the beauty of a sunset, how magnificent our world is.