Lawrence Rudolech

Lawrence (Larry) was born and raised in Madison, IN and much of his youth was spent at the local Boys Club in the arts and craft room. The Clubs art instructor was also the local high school art teacher Lou Knoble and Larry gives both Lou and the Club credit for moving his art ability forward as the club even bought him his first set of oil paints.

Though art was something Larry did well it was just fun until Lou informed him that he would be going to art school after graduating from high school. This came as a real surprise to Larry as he had no intentions of attending more schooling and besides his family didn’t have the money for college. But with the help and encouragement from many people he entered a number of scholarship competitions and soon had the funds required for his education. Along with a number of competition wins came a growing number of colleges to attend, but after visiting the John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis the drawing room was just to hard to resist. Larry knew he was going to pass on a fine arts career for a career in Graphic Arts after all, at this time you were told you couldn’t make a living painting pictures.

Larry just knows that because of this education which so many people had a hand in he was able to spend more than forty years as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator with the last fifteen running his own design and illustration business.

After retiring from graphic arts Larry spent his time painting both in the studio and in plein air. Plein Air painting holds a very tender spot in his heart as that is were he first did his early painting as a boy. He was doing almost twenty plein air events a year, big or small, he enjoyed meeting the people and seeing parts of the country he had not yet seen. This also provided him with plenty of material to paint from while in the studio during the winter months. His subject matter was normally anything found in everyday life, so he did not feel he needs to paint every detail.

But he gave us as viewers just enough so we can finish the painting in our minds eye, after all, he was not really dealing with what is in the painting as much as he is with the emotions he is feeling at the time he is painting it. This is why he says his work for him is only successful when he can feel more coming from it than what he sees coming from it.

Larry accomplished a great deal in just a few years as a full time fine artist winning awards in both local and national shows as well as many awards in Plein Air events around the country. He was awarded signature status in both the American Impressionist Society and the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society.

We lost Larry unexpectedly in early February 2020. His painting mean more to us now that ever before. 

Artist Statement

I am not certain why it is that I paint and I have often wondered why anyone would bother with it at all. It would be hard to find something that has not already been painted and I would find it hard to believe you could paint something in a way that has not been tried before. The only thing I have come to know is that I can’t stop trying to express what it is I see or, maybe even more so, what I feel when I gaze on a sight as seemingly simple as a road covered with an early morning fog. I don’t think I see anything different than what others see. I am just trying to make sure they don’t miss the beauty that comes with the small and simple things in life. More importantly I realize that it is only with God’s blessing that I am able to see sometimes more with my heart than with my eyes. So maybe that’s why I try to use my brush to express what others may be able to put into words.”