Dwight F. Steininger

Born in Logansport and with no formal art training, Steininger moved to Brown County in 1955 and launched into a serious art pursuit along with his evangelical ministry.

He remained largely self-taught and tended to be more realist than impressionist. His ministry had him traveling the country and the settings of his paintings reflect that.

With the exception of a brief study with C. Curry Bohm of Nashville, Indiana, Jouiene Celfoene of Chicago, and a touch from every artist he has ever met, he has been self-taught in the school of experience. He has also learned much from his students, of whom, about 65 enrolled in one month of classes. Adolph Robert Shulz, the dean of Brown County Artists, was his most helpful critic.

He estimates that he has drawn about 10,000 colored chalk pictures in his evangelistic services from coast to coast in churches, schools, clubs and other organizations.

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