Barry Powell

Barry Powell was born in 1951 in the beautiful hills of southern Indiana where he still resides. His earliest childhood memories are of sitting at his mother’s kitchen table drawing pictures. Art, and drawing in particular, have always come to him naturally and after graduation from Mitchell High School, he attended The John Herron School of Art in Indianapolis.

One of Barry's favorite subjects, although not his only subjects, are images of the people of the American frontier. Barry specializes in the French and Indian war and the Revolutionary war periods of American history. The people he represents in his art are the common people of the frontier. Being a re-enactor himself, many of his subjects are friends and family.

"As an artist, my quest is to bring about an awareness of the often-overlooked beauty that exists all around us. Our constant race through life, striving to "make a living", often brings monetary reward, but leaves us thirsting for the qualities of life that can only be attained through the appreciation of one's artistic visions. An artist's duty, therefore, is to take these everyday scenes of life and, through practiced technique, capture and enhance the assets of that moment before they are gone forever."